Romantic, passionate, sensual and very hot. I like to be authentic and very feminine. Lover of the good life and good treatment. Intelligent, educated, chivalrous, generous and accommodating men exist for me; That they make me vibrate and bring out all the passion and the fire that is in me. Creative, fine and with an excellent sense of humor. I am open-minded and uncomplicated, but very respectful and discreet. A princess before people, but in bed I am wild and dangerous. Age and size are just myths to me. I believe in the power of desire, through which I attract everything I want to live in constant sexual and mental ecstasy.

100 USD
200 USD

One hour service
three hours of service

  • Sex with a condom

  • Oral sex with a condom

  • Condoms

  • Home service

  • And more importantly, a girlfriend treatment, caressing kisses. Remember you are hiring a BRIDE

Additional services


You can pay in cash when the girl arrives, or the following means of payment